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Video Information Processing Policy

Video Information Processing Policy

Cheong Wa Dae (hereinafter referred to as "this institution") wishes to inform the public about how video data processed by our institution is used and managed through our video information processing equipment operation and management policy.

  • 1. Basis and Purpose of the Video Information Processing Device Installation

    By Article 25, Paragraph 1 of the “Personal Information Protection Act,” our Institution has implemented video information processing devices for the following purposes

    1. Ensuring facility safety and fire prevention.
    2. Preventing crime for the safety of visitors.
  • 2. Number of Installations, Location, and Coverage
    The table describes the number, location, and coverage of video information processing devices installed at Cheong Wa Dae.
    Categories Main Building Official Residence, Yeomin Building 1 Chunchugwan Security Building Yeongbingwan Yeonpungmun Gate Sihwamun Gate External Areas Total
    Number of Installations 7 2 6 3 8 10 5 5 134 180
  • 3. Personnel in Charge and Authorized Access

    To protect captured video information and address any concerns related to personal video information, we have designated a manager responsible for the video information and authorized personnel for access, as outlined below.

    The table provides information about the video information processing device manager and authorized access personnel.
    Category Name Position Affiliation
    Manager Jeong Gukheon Team Leader facility management team
    Authorized Access Holder Jeong Huiseok Senior Official facility management team
  • 4. Video Recording Time, Storage Institution, Storage Location and Management Method
    This table provides information about the manager responsible for video information processing devices and those with access authority.
    Recording Time Retention Period Storage Location
    24 hours 30 days from the date of recording Cheong Wa Dae Situation Room

    Processing Method: Personal video information is logged and managed for any uses outside its intended purpose, third-party provision, deletion requests, viewing, etc. Upon reaching the end of the retention period, it is permanently and irreversibly deleted (for printed materials, they are either shredded or incinerated).

  • 5. How and Where to View Personal Video Information
    1. Method: Contact the video information manager in advance and visit the Institution concerned
    2. Confirmation Place: Cheong Wa Dae Situation Room (02-3771-4686)
  • 6. Measures for Video Information Viewing Requests

    Individuals may, at any time, request the video information processing device operator to view, verify the existence of, or delete their personal video information. However, this is limited to the individual's captured video information and clear cases where the information is essential for the urgent protection of life, physical safety, or property.

    Cheong Wa Dae will quickly take necessary actions after receiving such requests.

  • 7. Measures to Ensure the Security of Personal Video Information

    Video information processed by our Institution is securely managed through encryption and other measures. Additionally, we differentiate access rights as an administrative measure to protect personal video information. To prevent the alteration or tampering of personal video information, we record and manage the creation date and time of personal video information, the purpose of viewing, the viewer, and the viewing date and time. We have also installed locking devices to store personal video information securely.

  • 9. Changes to the Video Information Processing Device Policy

    This policy was established on February 8, 2024. Should additions, deletions, or modifications to the content be necessary to changes in laws, policies, or security technologies, we will announce the reasons and details of the changes on our Institution's website at least 7 days before implementation.

    Announcement Date: February 1, 2024 / Effective Date: February 8, 2024