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Privacy Policy

All personal information handled by the Cheong Wa Dae foundation is collected, stored, and processed in compliance with the “Personal Information Protection Act” and related laws. As stipulated in Article 30 of the “Personal Information Protection Act,” guidelines on personal information processing are established and disclosed for the protection of an individual's personal information and quickly and efficiently address related grievances.

Key Personal Information Processing Indicators (Labeling)
  • Collected Items, Processing Purpose, Retention Period
  • Third-party Provision
  • Consignment of Personal Information Processing
  • Rights and Obligations and their Exercise
  • Destruction of Personal Information
  • Safety Ensuring Measures,
  • Remedies for Infringement of Rights
  • Details on Automatic Data Collection Device Installation and Operation
  • Responsible Protection Officer, Reception and Processing Department Information
  • Changes to the Processing Policy
  • 1. Collection of Personal Information, Purpose, and Retention Period

    The Cheong Wa Dae foundation collects and processes personal information for the following purposes. The processed personal information will not be used for any other purpose, and necessary measures, such as obtaining separate consent, will be taken if the purpose of use changes.

    문화체육관광부에서 수집하는 개인정보의 수집항목, 처리목적, 보유기간의 내용을 제공하는 표입니다.
    Collected Items Mobile phone number, Email address
    Purpose Verify duplicate reservations during booking, send notifications
    Retention Period Immediately disposed of after 2 days the completion of the tour
  • 2. Third-party Provision of Personal Information

    The Cheong Wa Dae foundation mainly processes personal information in the scope specified for collection and use. Except for the following situations stipulated in Article 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act, the Cheong Wa Dae foundation will neither process personal information beyond the originally defined purpose nor provide it to third parties without the explicit consent of the information subject

    1. When separate consent is obtained from the information subject.
    2. When there is a specific provision in another law.
    3. When the information subject or legal representative cannot express consent due to incapacitation or being unreachable, it is deemed necessary for the urgent benefit of the information subject or a third party regarding life, physical safety, or property.
    4. When it is impossible to perform tasks designated by another law without processing personal information for purposes other than intended or without providing it to a third party and after undergoing deliberation and resolution by the Protection Committee.
    5. When it is necessary to provide to foreign organizations or international entities to execute treaties or other international agreements.
    6. When necessary for the investigation and indictment of crimes.
    7. When necessary for the execution of judicial tasks by a court.
    8. When necessary for executing sentences, probation, and protective measures.
  • 3. Delegation of Personal Information Processing

    When the Cheong Wa Dae foundation entrusts the processing of personal information, it establishes necessary restrictions and procedures by Article 26 of the “Personal Information Protection Act.” It ensures that the entrusted agency complies with and conducts regular checks. Furthermore, it processes according to documents containing

    1. Prohibition on processing personal information outside of the entrusted tasks.
    2. Matters concerning managerial and technical protection of personal information.
    3. Matters concerning the safe management of personal information.

    Based on the law and other individual regulations, the current status of personal information that the Cheong Wa Dae foundation entrusts includes

    개인정보 수탁업체, 위탁업무내용(목적), 보유 및 이용기간의 내용을 제공하는 표입니다.
    Contracted Company Details (Purpose) of the Entrusted Tasks Retention and Use Period
    Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation
    TREEHUB Co., Ltd.
    System Operation Management until the termination of the trust contract.

    Changes in the content of entrusted tasks or the entrusted entity will be disclosed without delay through the personal information processing policy.

  • 4. Rights and Obligations of the Information subject and Their Exercise

    Information subjects can exercise the following rights. For minors under 14, their legal representatives can request access, correction, deletion, or suspension of the child's personal information.

    1. Request for Access to Personal InformationUnder Article 35 of the “Personal Information Protection Act”, individuals can request access to their personal information held by the Cheong Wa Dae foundation. However, such requests may be restricted according to Article 35, paragraph 4 in situations where
      • In cases where ”there is potential harm to another individual's life or physical well-being or when ”there is a risk of unjustly infringing upon someone's property or other interests
      • If a public institution is executing any of the following tasks, that could lead to significant impediments
        • Tasks related to tax imposition, collection, or refunds
        • Tasks concerning academic evaluations or admissions selection in schools of various levels, as governed by the "Elementary and Secondary Education Act" and the "Higher Education Act," lifelong education facilities under the "Lifelong Education Act," or other higher educational institutions established by different statutes
        • Tasks related to academic, competency, and employment examinations or professional qualification reviews
        • Ongoing evaluations or judgments concerning compensation or benefit calculations
        • Audits or investigations being conducted under other statutes
      청구인은 보유기관장에게 서식에 따른 청구를 하며 보유기관장은 5일 이내 결정통지서를 송부하며 청구 접수 후 10일 이내 열람시행하여야 함
    2. Request for Correction or Deletion of Personal InformationUnder Article 36 of the “Personal Information Protection Act,” individuals can request correction or deletion of their personal information held by the Cheong Wa Dae foundation. However, deletion cannot be requested if the information is designated for collection under other laws.
      청구인은 보유기관장에게 서식에따른 청구를 하며 보유기관장은 10일이내 정정조치결과 통지서 송부하여야 함
    3. Request to Suspend Processing of Personal InformationAccording to Article 37 of the “Personal Information Protection Act” (suspension of processing personal information), individuals can request the suspension of processing their personal information held by the Cheong Wa Dae foundation. However, such requests can be denied according to Article 37, paragraph 2.
      • When there is a specific provision in the law or compliance with statutory obligations
      • In situations where there is a concern that it may harm someone else's life or body, or there is a risk of unfairly infringing upon someone else's property or other rights
      • When a public institution cannot perform its jurisdictional duties as stipulated in other laws without processing personal information
      • When failing to process personal information results in an inability to provide services agreed upon with the information subject, and the subject has not explicitly expressed an intention to terminate the contract
      The information subject can exercise their rights towards the Cheong Wa Dae foundation according to the Personal Information Protection Act Enforcement Rules, Annex No. 8. This can be done through written requests, email, or facsimile (FAX). The Cheong Wa Dae foundation will take action promptly. If the information subject requests the correction or deletion of errors in their personal information, the Cheong Wa Dae foundation will neither use nor provide the information until correction or deletion is completed.
  • 5. Destruction of Personal Information

    The Cheong Wa Dae foundation will, in principle, promptly destroy personal information once the purpose of its processing has been achieved. The procedures, timeline, and methods for destruction are as follows

    1. Destruction Procedure Once its processing purpose has been achieved, personal information will either be destroyed immediately or transferred to a separate storage space. Internal policies and other relevant laws will store such information for a fixed period. Unless the law requires, personal information stored in this separate space will not be used for any other purpose.
    2. Destruction Timeline and Method When the retention period expires, or the personal information becomes unnecessary due to the achievement of its processing purpose, discontinuation of related tasks, etc., it will be destroyed without delay. Electronic files containing personal information are deleted using technical methods that render them irretrievable. Printed personal information is destroyed either by shredding or incineration.
  • 6. Measures to Ensure the Safety of Personal Information

    The Cheong Wa Dae foundation takes the following technical and administrative measures to ensure that personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, altered, or damaged.

    1. Minimization and Education of Personal Information Handlers Only the minimum number of personnel necessary are designated and managed to handle personal information. Regular training is conducted for these handlers to ensure safe management of personal information.
    2. Restriction of Access to Personal Information Access rights to the database system that processes personal information are granted, changed, or revoked to control access. An intrusion prevention system is used to block unauthorized external access.
    3. Preservation of Access Records Records of access to the personal information processing system, such as weblogs and summary information, are kept and managed for at least one year.
    4. Encryption of Personal Information Personal information is securely stored and managed through encryption. Separate security features, such as encrypting storage and transmission, are also in place for crucial data.
    5. Security Program Installation and Regular Inspection/Update Security programs are installed, and regular updates and inspections are conducted to prevent personal information leaks and damage from hacking or computer viruses.
    6. Control of Unauthorized Access Physical locations where personal information systems are stored are kept separate, and an entry control process is established and maintained.

    Agencies affiliated with the Cheong Wa Dae foundation have also installed video information processors (CCTV) for facility safety and fire prevention. Each agency operates according to its CCTV operation management policy. Detailed information regarding installation location, filming scope, video information verification methods, and protective measures can be confirmed by the person responsible for the operation of CCTV at each agency.

  • 7. Remedies for Infringement of Rights

    The information subject may apply for dispute resolution or consultation with the Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee and the Personal Information Infringement Reporting Center of the Korea Internet Promotion Agency to relieve damage caused by personal information infringement.
    Please note that these institutions operate independently from the Cheong Wa Dae foundation. If you are dissatisfied with the Cheong Wa Dae foundation's internal handling of personal data complaints or need more detailed assistance, we recommend contacting these organizations.

    1. Personal Information Infringement Report Center
      • Scope of Responsibilities: Reporting and consultation for personal information infringements
      • Website : privacy.kisa.or.kr
      • Phone: (without area code) 118
      • Address : 9, Jinheung-gil, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea (58324)
    2. Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee
      • Scope of Responsibilities: Personal information dispute mediation and group dispute resolution
      • Website : www.kopico.go.kr
      • Phone: (without area code) 1833-6972
      • Address: 4th Floor, Government Seoul Office Building, 209 Sejongdae-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul (03171)
    3. Supreme Prosecutors' Office Cyber Investigation Department : (Without area code) 1301 (www.spo.go.kr)
    4. National Police Agency Cyber Security Bureau : (Without area code) 182 (cyberbureau.police.go.kr)

      Additionally, individuals whose rights or interests have been infringed due to a disposition or inaction by the head of a public institution regarding requests for access, correction, deletion, or suspension of personal information processing can file for administrative adjudication by the Administrative Adjudication Act.

    5. Central Administrative Appeals Commission (Online Administrative Appeals) : (Without area code) 110 (www.simpan.go.kr)
  • 8. Matters Concerning the Installation, Operation, and Rejection of Automatic Personal Information Collection Devices
    1. The Cheong Wa Dae foundation uses “cookies” that store and retrieve use information to provide users with individualized tailored services.
    2. Cookies are small pieces of data sent from a website server to a user's web browser and may be stored on the user's computer hard drive.
      • Purpose of Using Cookies: They are used to understand a user's pattern of visiting various services and websites, popular search terms, whether a secure connection has been made, etc., to offer optimized information to the user.
      • Installation, Operation, and Rejection of Cookies: You can refuse to store cookies by adjusting the options in your web browser, typically found under Tools > Internet Options > Privacy Settings.
  • 9. Personal Information Protection Officer and Department for Personal Information Inquiry and Management
    1. Personal Information Protection Officer
      • Name: Baek Gidong
      • Position: Secretary-General (Acting Director)
      • Contact : ☎ 02-3771-8610
    2. Department Responsible for Personal Information Protection
      • Department Name: Planning and Operation Team
      • Officer: Jo Hyowon
      • Contact : ☎ 02-3771-8620
  • 10. Changes to the Personal Information Handling Policy

    This Personal Information Handling Policy will be effective from February 26, 2024.